The Code Editor

The editor is the most important element of Codeanywhere and that's why we use CodeMirror. CodeMirror is a high-performance code editor for the web that supports syntax highlighting for over 100 different languages, and can still work faithfully on large documents. This is where most of the action happens. Every file you open appears as a tab on top of the Editor. You can open file easily by clicking on any file located in your File Explorer (or with a double click – depending on your preferences, you can set this up in View -> Enable Double Click).

If you want to create a new folder, right click on the connection, then choose Create folder from the expanded drop down menu. In order to create a file, also right click on a connection/folder where you'd like to create it and just enter a filename or you can double click anywhere in top editor bar. To create a specific file type, just enter the file extension (like .html, .css, .php, .js, ...) at the end of file name when creating new file (entering index.php will create an php file – it's that easy!).

Codeanywhere offers syntax highlighting for over 100 programming languages.

The code editor supports a large number of keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity. For an up-to-date list of these within the Editor, simply go to Preferences and depending on Default, Project or User select Key bindings where you can change them.