Welcome to the official Codeanywhere documentation! Here you'll find articles and tutorials to help you get started with the Codeanywhere platform. These include everything from setting up your editor, to learning how to deploy your code! See something that's not documented here? Send an e-mail to support@codeanywhere.com and we'll get it in.

Getting More Help

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us and we will help you as soon as possible! There are several ways for you to contact us:

  1. send in your request to support@codeanywhere.com
  2. inside your Editor, go to Help -> Create a Support Ticket
  3. submit a feature request inside your Editor, at Help -> Suggest a Feature
  4. chat - contact us directly from codeanywhere.com by sending us a message in your bottom left corner. Don't forget to type in your e-mail so you can receive our response
  5. feel free to add us on Twitter or Facebook!

Recent updates

All of our updates, fixes, and improvements are shown inside your Editor in the Config Log (Help -> Change Log), feel free to browse them and find out what is new in Codeanywhere! Also, please follow our Web page and Blog for news on updates and upgrades!