Create New Connection

If you want to create a new connection, go to the Home or Connections page and click the New Connection button.

Create connection button

You have to enter the following details:

  • Connection name – Name of the new connection
  • Type – Connection type
  • Hostname – The hostname or IP address of your remote server.
  • Username – The username on your remote server
  • Initial dir – The directory path you want to access at the remote server
  • Timeout - The connection timeout setting measured in seconds

If you select SSH as your desired connection type, additional you will have to provide additional info:

  • Authorization – The authorization method you want to use for connecting to the remote server
  • Password – The password for your remote server if you select Password as your authorization method
  • Private key – Your private key for connecting to the remote server if you select Private key as your authorization method

Create connection modal