Create New Container

Creating a new container. is pretty straight-forward in the new Codeanywhere Dashboard. Navigate to the Containers tab in the sidebar and click the Create Container button.

Create new container

After a new window shows up, you will be asked to provide the name for your new container and select the stack for the container. You can choose between one of the predefined stacks:

  • Default – Blank Development Container
  • PHP – LAMP Development Stack with phpMyAdmin and Composer preinstalled
  • NodeJS – NodeJS Development Stack with npm and yarn preinstalled
  • Ruby – Ruby Development Stack with RVM and Ruby on Rails preinstalled
  • Python – Python Development Stack with pyenv, pip and virtualenv preinstalled
  • C/C++ – C/C++ Development Stack with gcc and g++ compiler and gdb preinstalled
  • HTML – HTML5 Development Stack with Apache, Node.js and npm preinstalled
  • Wordpress – LAMP Development Stack with Wordpress, phpMyAdmin and Composer preinstalled
  • Java – Java Development Stack with OpenJDK7, OpenJDE7 and Tomcat7 preinstalled
  • .NET Core – .NET Core Development Stack

Create container modal