Create New Container

Creating a new container is pretty straight-forward in the Codeanywhere Dashboard. Navigate to the Home or Containers page and click the New Container button.

Create new container

To create a new container, you have to:

  1. Select a template
  2. Optionally apply the Always-On addon
  3. Enter the new container name

Create container modal

You san select a custom template or one of our predefined templates:

  • PHP – LAMP Development Stack with phpMyAdmin and Composer preinstalled
  • NodeJS – NodeJS Development Stack with npm and yarn preinstalled
  • Ruby – Ruby Development Stack with RVM and Ruby on Rails preinstalled
  • Python – Python Development Stack with pyenv, pip and virtualenv preinstalled
  • C/C++ – C/C++ Development Stack with gcc and g++ compiler and gdb preinstalled
  • HTML – HTML5 Development Stack with Apache, Node.js and npm preinstalled
  • Wordpress – LAMP Development Stack with Wordpress, phpMyAdmin and Composer preinstalled
  • Java – Java Development Stack with OpenJDK7, OpenJDE7 and Tomcat7 preinstalled
  • .NET Core – .NET Core Development Stack

Regular containers will be stopped when you sign out. Containers with the applied Always-On addon wilk keep running even if you're not working.