About the IDE

Our Cloud IDE is built on Theia, an open-source editor which offers all VS Code features in a lightweight web environment. Use it to develop, debug and deploy all of your applications.

Codeanywhere has developed a number of unique extensions which improve the productivity and user experience while using the editor. They include:

Link anchorPreview Ports

Codeanywhere offers their users the ability to preview their app progress via public or private links. In the editor, select View -> Preview Ports to enable the Preview Ports widget.

Enable Preview Ports

If your app is running, it should show up in the Preview Ports widget. The running processes will be listed inside the widget with the option to select:

  • Preview: Opens your private app link in the Preview widget inside the IDE.
  • Private: Opens your app in a new browser tab. The link is only accessible to you if you're logged in to your Codeanywhere account.
  • Public: Opens your app in a new browser tab. The link is publicly accessible to anyone. The app must be running on
  • Exit: Gracefully terminates your app. This action can be blocked, handled, and ignored.
  • Kill: Immediately terminates your app.

Preview Ports widget

You will be notified every time you restart your app so you can preview the progress instantly.

Preview Ports popup

Link anchorProjects

The Projects view allows you to easily switch between multiple projects inside your container. You can find it by navigating to View -> Projects or File -> New Project.

Projects view New project

Projects view

New project

Projects will also help you with cloning and opening a Git repository. Just click on Clone an existing project and enter your repository SSH URL and we will take care of the rest.

Projects widget

Note: Your Codeanywhere account must be authorized with the appropriate Git provider to successfully clone a repository. Not sure how to do that? Find out here.